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Phase Change Matters Newsletter March 13 2015

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Ice Energy wins thermal energy storage contract with Riverside utility

Ice Energy unitIce Energy of Glendale, Calif., has been awarded a contract with Riverside Public Utilities to provide 5 megawatts of behind-the-meter thermal energy storage using Ice Energy’s Ice Bear system.

The Ice Bear is a smart-grid-enabled technology that will help the California city better integrate its increasing reliance on renewable energy resources like wind, solar and geothermal systems to maintain low energy costs for its customers.

The Ice Bear system makes ice at night, when electricity is cheaper, and uses it to cool buildings during the day. The company will provide the city with 40 Ice Bear units at a cost of $702,000. If energy-efficiency targets are met, the one-year pilot project could be extended by up to four more years.

Chicago startup NETenergy advances in 2 energy challenges

Chicago startup NETenergy, an energy storage and management service provider, has advanced to Phase II of the New Venture Challenge and is a finalist in the 2015 Clean Energy Challenge.

“It’s been a busy three months for the Internet of Things (IoT) startup, which powers its intelligent energy management software with thermal storage hardware,” writes ChicagoInno’s Alice Zhang. “Using phase change composites, these storage units distribute and store cold energy in the form of latent heat when needed, allowing customers to shift their A/C consumption to cheap and efficient off-peak hours, while saving 30 percent or more on overall energy consumption.”


Biopharma firms urged to get ahead of the multi-use packaging curve

Stephen Healy, global sales director at DGP Intelsius, weighs in on the future of reusable packaging in the temperature-control supply chain. He concludes that widespread use of such systems appears to be inevitable and that biopharma companies would be wise to adopt them now:

“In an economy where patient safety, increased legislation and the pressure to use reusable and recyclable materials are rising, turning a consumable ‘single use’ item into a ‘multi-use’ logistics asset would reduce spend, as well as create a more sustainable solution.”


Outlast promises ‘more transparency’ on range of PCM applications

Matrix infusion coating Outlast Technologies is seeding interest in its appearance at Techtextil, still two months away, with a flurry of Web reports promising “more transparency” at the big trade show in Frankfurt, Germany. The company, best known for its use of phase change materials in bedding and sportswear, says it will present “the complete PCM spectrum” at the May 4-7 show, showcasing its work on fibers, fillers, compounds, coatings and “matrix infusion coating,” right.


Encapsys net sales up 18.1% in 2014

Wisconsin papermaker Appvion reported full-year net sales of $61.8 million for its Encapsys encapsulation unit, an 18.1 percent increase over the previous year.

Mark Richards, Appvion’s chairman, president and chief executive officer, said expanded opportunities with Encapsys’ largest customer, the launch of Encapsys’ EnFinit microencapsulated phase change product and the addition of new customers helped to increase sales to the company’s external customers by nearly 30 percent and shipments 11 percent compared to 2013.

Overall, Appvion reported an operating loss of $40.7 million for 2014. The employee-owned company had an operating income of $132.8 million in 2013. Full-year net sales were up a fraction to $809.8 million.

In a statement, the employee-owned company attributed the results to “unfavorable product mix and pricing, especially for thermal receipt paper,” higher operating costs and changes in pension and retirement benefits.


Patent application 20150060017Cooling apparatus using solid-liquid PCMs

Patent application 20150060017: “The cooling apparatus includes a pipeline, a housing enclosing the pipeline, and the solid-liquid PCM filling in an interior of the pipeline and a space between the pipeline and the housing. The solid-liquid PCM can contact a heat source and absorb the heat generated by the heat source, so as to transform from solid state to liquid state. The solid-liquid PCM in the liquid state can circulate inside the pipeline and the space between the pipeline and the housing. Thus, the heat is dissipated by the means of thermal convection. Meanwhile, the heat also can be dissipated through the housing.”


Thermal storage and management using phase change material

Advanced Cooling Technologies of Lancaster, Pa., will present a webinar on March 25 on the use of phase change material in heat sink design. The speakers will be ACT’s Jens Weyant, lead product development engineer, and Bryan Muzyka, sales manager.


Coffee Joulies creator talks about production challenges

Coffee JouliesIn an interview with online tech magazine SolidSmack, Dave Petrillo discusses some of the hurdles he and partner Dave Jackson faced in the creation of Coffee Joulies, a product that uses phase change material to regulate the temperature of hot beverages.

“The phase change material was actually not that difficult to find,” Petrillo said. “One of the hardest parts to making this project was getting the manufacturing of the rest of the stainless steel shell made in the USA. Forming and joining and sealing these beans shut so that they last a long time is definitely a difficult task. Much harder than we anticipated.” .


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