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PhaseChange Matters Newsletter Jan 23 2015

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Cooling system expected to save Michigan complex $12,000 a month

Business Energy’s William Atkinson takes a look at the installation of CALMAC IceBank tanks at a state-owned office and warehouse complex in Dimondale, Mich. The cooling system is expected to save the state $12,000 a month in energy costs. The concept is simple: Make ice overnight, when the cost of electricity is lower, and store it for use during the day.

“CALMAC’s energy storage technology has allows us to make our system extremely flexible in order to meet changing heating and cooling needs,” said Scott Davis, utility supervisor at the complex. “Utilizing cheaper nighttime energy has always been an attractive opportunity, especially for a large complex like ours. Now it is a reality.”


Global thermal energy storage capacity expected to triple by 2020

The global thermal energy storage capacity, which topped 2,000 megawatts in 2013, is expected to surpass 6,000 megawatts by 2020, according to the latest report from Transparency Market Research.

“Thermal energy storage systems,” the report notes, “stock up energy for later use, employing water, ice-slush tanks, rock from the bedrock layer, aquifers, insulated lined pits and eutectic, phase-changing materials.” The report lists CALMAC, EVAPCO, Chicago Bridge & Iron and Goss Engineering as key players in the market.

Sensible heat storage, which now dominates the market, is expected to lose share to latent storage technologies such as PCMs, which have the advantage of higher energy storage density.


‘Last mile’ will be hot topic at Cool Chain Europe

Vishal KhushalaniVishal Khushalani, Sonoco ThermoSafe’s director of marketing and business development, will be among the speakers at next week’s IQPC Cool Chain Europe in Frankfurt, Germany. Joined by Wayne Williams, president of Cold Chain Technology Services, Khushalani, right, will talk about “Achieving Significant Cost Savings with a Comprehensive Reclamation Process for Last Mile Shipments.” They will review the life cycle of a returnable shipper across the supply chain and back for reclamation and re-use.

Steve Healy, global sales director at Intelsius, will lead a roundtable discussion on a similar topic: “Final Mile and In-Country Distribution: Improving Performance Whilst Maintaining Affordability.”

The British company will display a range of its temperature-controlled packaging solutions at the conference, including its ORCA line, a reusable solution that provides 168 hours of thermal protection for temperature-sensitive payloads in the 2-8° C and 15-25° C ranges, using phase change material and vacuum insulated panels.


IRENA launches searchable database of information on renewable energy

It’s not exactly the “Google of renewable energy,” but IRENA’s new ReSOURCE feature is a useful and well-organized collection of curated information and data on renewable energy. A search for “thermal energy storage,” for example, generates a list of 241 documents that can be narrowed by source, country and energy type. A search for “phase change material” generates a list of more than 140 documents. Well worth a bookmark:


HSM introduces CoolACTIVE foam for bedding industry

Furniture maker HSM of Hickory, N.C., has announced the introduction of CoolACTIVE foams for the bedding industry. The PCM-laden foam is designed to diffuse body heat. The product comes in three forms: a viscoelastic memory foam that offers 25 percent heat transference, a gel that offers 35 percent heat transference and a foam that incorporates graphite particles and offers 40 percent heat transference.


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