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PhaseChange Matters Newsletter Jan 1 2016

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Group expands study of PCM as way to enhance concrete pavement durability

In a project funded by the National Science Foundation, an Arizona State University engineer has been examining the use of phase change materials to reduce or prevent temperature-related cracks in concrete pavement. 

Narayanan NeithalathNarayanan Neithalath and colleagues at UCLA will now expand their work in collaboration with Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, the Swiss Federal Institute for Materials Science and the Tecnalia Research and Innovation organization in Spain.

The international collaboration has been awarded $1.6 million to find out whether concrete solutions containing a phase change material can significantly enhance the durability of concrete pavements and bridge decks. 

“We are impregnating PureTemp in lightweight aggregates for this project,” said Neithalath, an associate professor of civil, environmental and sustainable engineering in ASU’s Ira A. Fulton Schools of EngineeringEncapsys LLC of Appleton, Wis., is providing microencapsulation services.

“We know how the materials perform under laboratory conditions,” Neithalath said. “Now we have to see if it holds up when applied at larger scales and real-life loading and environmental conditions.” 


$100,000 in prize money awaits winners of FLoW business plan competition

Entries are being sought for the 2016 FLoW program, a business plan competition for American university students and recent graduates focused on clean-tech and sustainability. Mentors will be assigned to help contestants develop their ideas and refine their pitches. $100,000 in prize money is available to winners. Submissions are due March 7, 2016.

Axiom Exergy took first place in 2015 with a refrigeration battery technology designed to help the food industry reduce energy costs. The battery charges by freezing tanks of salt water at night, when electricity is cheaper, and then provides refrigeration throughout the day. Axiom, led by a Stanford University team, won $75,000.


SGOCO Group Ltd., a Chinese company that develops and distributes flat-panel displays, has agreed to buy Boca International Ltd. of Hong Kong. Boca develops and manufactures thermal energy storage systems incorporating phase change material.

Herman Velvis of IF Technology reports on the maturation of aquifer thermal energy storage in the Netherlands.

• New from QYResearch Group: “U.S. Smart Fabrics in Interactive Textiles Industry 2015 Market Research Report”

• New from Future Market Insights: “Temperature Controlled Packaging Solutions Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2015-2025”


Cover assembly for temperature-sensitive cartons or articles (Grand Designs Inc., Sacramento, Calif.)

Device and method for heating a fermentable starting product to produce a beverage (Albert Welledits, Austria)

Cordless tool system with PCM (Dezhong Yang, et al, China)

Device for storing thermal energy by solid/solid phase change material (French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission)

Method for bonding a tail of web material using nonadhesive PCM (Procter & Gamble Co., Cincinnati, Ohio)


For our full list of recent academic research, see Here are highlights from the past week:

From Construction and Building Materials:

Energy efficient concrete with n-octadecane/xGnP SSPCM for energy conservation in infrastructure

From Applied Thermal Engineering:

Review on microencapsulated phase change materials slurries (mPCMS) properties

From Energy Procedia:

Dynamic Thermal Performance of a PCM Window System: Characterization Using Large Scale Measurements
Synthesis and Characterization of Composite Phase Change Material (CPCM) with SiO2 and Diatomite as Endothermal-hygroscopic Material

From European Mortar Summit 2015:

Mortars with incorporation of PCM based in different binders: mechanical and thermal behavior

From Procedia Engineering:

Modeling of Solidification of CCHH (CaCl2, 6H2O) in a Shell-and-Tube PCM based Heat Storage Unit

From 3rd International Conference of Mechanical Engineering Research:

Preparing side charging of PCM storage: theoretical and experimental investigation [pdf]

From Materials:

Preparation and Characterization of Microencapsulated Phase Change Materials for Use in Building Applications

From Energy Conversion and Management:

Synthesis and thermal properties of cross-linked poly(acrylonitrile-co-itaconate)/polyethylene glycol as novel form-stable change material

From Carbon:

Polydimethylsiloxane-modified super hydrophobic porous graphene filled with palmitic acid as a phase change energy storage material


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You are invited to join the group and connect with PCM and TES experts from around the world. New members this week include Bill Derbes, special projects and energy services manager at Mechanical & Control Services Inc., Fife, Wash.; Richard Gerbe, co-founder at Highmark NY; Ünal Sınar, R&D engineer at Panel Sistem Soğutma Sanayi ve Ticaret, Turkey; Melissa Maklan-Zimberg, founder of Elements Accessories Inc., New York; Ali Amiri, Ph.D student in chemical engineering at New Mexico State University; and Mike Friend, principal investigator at Intellectual Ventures, Bellevue, Wash. Welcome aboard, everyone!


Nearly 500 entries were posted on the Phase Change Matters blog in 2015. Here’s a look  at the most-viewed posts of the year:

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